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. an ailing steve jobs steps down. what will the departure of technology's great est inventor mean for apple and the rest of us? and a dramatic announcement from stevie wonder last night. he was able to touch the face of the martin luther king jr. statue and now will make it possible for other blind people to have the same experience. >> as i touched this memorial of dr. king, i think of what i hope we all will do. i hope we'll remember the meaning behind the monument. >>> good day. i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. as you can see behind me, rain here, but up and down the coast, a bigger threat. a threat that could devastate the entire east coast. the storm is packing maximum sustained winds of 115 miles an hour. it is expected to make landfall along the eastern coast of north carolina as a major hurricane saturday evening. it will then race up the east coast, potentially causing billions of dollars in damage. nbc news meteorologist bill karins is tracking it all. bill, thanks so much for being there for us. give us the latest. what is the time line? the remarkable thing is not only th
't political. with me now democratic strategist steve mcman and republican strategist terry holt. ter roy, what do you think so far about the rick perry kick off particularly karl rove even a fellow texan, even though there's not been love loss between the perry and bush camps in texas. karl rove said on fox that it was not presidential the shot he took at bernanke saying that printing money is treasonous, and that it could get ugly for the fed chair if he came down to texas. is that the way texans talk? >> he sure brought a lot of spark and vigor to the campaign in just these few short days. that's kind of what the republican field needs. it needs somebody to challenge it, to upset the status quo. if you're mitt romney, you've got to be worried about rick perry because he brings that big state success story that's so important to the narrative. he also brings an ability to raise a ton of money, that's what it's going to take to beat barack obama. if you're michele bachmann you've got to be looking in the rear view mirror, too. he brings that passion and enthusiasm that the right of center memb
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the debt ceiling. all sides represented on this committee. >> and at the same time steve wiseman, we've had so much gridlock. and already concerns about the economic appointments late yesterday. patty murray the she is the incoming budget chair. what everyone is focussing on is he's the head of the democratic congressional senate campaign committee is in charge of candidates of protecting democratic incumbents and raising money for them. that was the controversy there. and of course, john kerry who wanted very much we understand to be on this committee and the finance chairman max bacchus. it's as john was pointing out, it's not really up to this committee. >> it's more up to the leadership. they'll be the surrogates on the committee. there are three things i think that need to be watched. first, is defense cuts versus revenues. i think the fact that the second round of cuts that were culled for by the default deal were cutting so deep in defense is going to confront republicans with choices that they might not want to make between you do you cut defense or increase revenues. there's anothe
. next i'll talk with republican congressman steve king and get his reaction to the report that says the tea party is now officially running washington with the deal that was brokered. plus how his caucus impacted the debate. we'll get his reaction. also a reaction from congresswoman karen bass about the deal reached and if in fact she will support it. was it the outrage from americans like you that pushed lawmakers to get the deal done or was it a real fear of wall street? 40 years after the man known as d.b. cooper hijacked that passenger jet and parachuted off with $200,000, the fbi says it has a new credible lead. what is that lead? find out next on "news nation." >>> next stage of the budget fight will be in the hands of a 12-person supercommittee. this is assuming it passes the house and senate. the supercommittee will have to identify more than a trillion dollar in spending cuts. with me now kent conrad chairman of the budget committee. a member of the group of six. is that what we're calling the gang of six ark group of six. how realistic is it that this supercommittee can wo
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recommended a book by an author named steve wilkins. wilkins is a civil war revisionist historian and in the book, has some really inflammatory outrageous things to say about slavery, essentially defending slavery as an institution that was built on, in his words, mutual respect i believe is the phrase. this is a biography of robert lee that she recommended her constituents must read. at that point, they didn't respond to questions about that so she's yet to be asked why she recommended a book that is objectively pro-slavery. that will be an issue she has to deal with in the coming days and weeks. >> it's a great piece. thank you so much. >>> just hours after the ames straw poll results get in, michele bachmann will be david gregory's guest on a special edition of "meet the press" live from iowa. check your local listings for times. >>> and a big vote of no confidence in the new "washington post" poll. huge majorities, in fact, most americans now are giving up hope that most government officials can come to the rescue. nearly 80% say that our political system simply is not working
is now running for congress. christie vilsack is iowa's former first lady. you're running against steve king the incumbent republican. >> i am. >> democrats are also being vilified as well as republicans. beth parties in all the polls. how do you run for congress when people are fed up with washington, this debt ceiling debate has dragged the whole constitution of congress down? >> i think that people in washington might take a lesson from the people in the small towns in iowa. when you live in a small town as i have my entire life, you have to get along. you teach people's childrens. you sit next to them in church, you come together in the same room. in my hometown there are two u.s. highways that intersect and people come to those that intersection and there's no stoplight. you have to stop and look people in the eye. i think that we need to lower our voices and raise our sights. i want to run as a problem solver. someone who knows how to get into a room and collaborate. i think that's how you run. people are -- they may be fed up with washington. they want people to get into a room a
of satan fries. it's a bad deal. >> it's a bad deal. but it's a done deal. as my colleague steve israel says. it's a done deal and it's time for us to move on. it's the basis on which we are going to proceed and we have to get on with it. we've got to go to the table. do the best we can. in a balanced bipartisan way to create jobs, reduce the deficit and pick up into the future. just talking about how we got here and our complaints about this bill don't get me started. but that's not -- >> let me get you started a little bit. was a president a bad negotiator. did he give away too much? >> i don't think so. i think the president was great. but again what is the point of talking about what the finished. on anything that happens around here anyone one of us could have done it better. we could have written it better, whatever it is. the fact is the president wanted a balanced bipartisan agreement. >> but he didn't get a balance. there's no taxes in it. >> that's right. nobody knows that better than i, perhaps some do. i fully appreciate that. but again, this is about how we go to the next s
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)